24. June 2019

Join us at DiaLabXpo

Join us at DiaLabXpo in Copenhagen this September!

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6. May 2019

New WIFI camera for educational use by Nikon

Nikon is proud to present their new WIFI camera for educational use. Transform the classroom into an interactive environment.

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9. May 2019

AUC Road Show 2019

Join us for our analytical ultracentrifugation event on May 22 2019.

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6. May 2019

Special offer: Nikon WIFI camera & microscope combo

Special offer on Nikon new WIFI camera together with an upright Eclipse200 LED microscope ready to use.

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27. February 2019

Flow Cytometry Best in Class

RAMCON has been awarded "Flow Cytometry Best in Class" at the recent Beckman Coulter Channel Partner meeting.

16. January 2019

New supplier at RAMCON

RAMCON now offers SETARAM products in all of the Nordic countries.

27. November 2018

We support Save the Children

RAMCON supports Save the Children's work for the most disadvantaged children in Denmark and the rest of the world.

1. November 2018

RAMCON acquires Svamholm.com

We are happy to announce the acquisition of all Svanholm.com activities.

26. June 2018

1st European Symposium on Sorption Science

Hosted by SMS at the University of Vienna, 5-7 September 2018.

27. November 2017

We support Save the Children

RAMCON supports Save the Children's work for the most disadvantaged children in Denmark and the rest of the world.

31. October 2017

16th SPS Symposium

Join us at The 16th annual Swedish Proteomics Society (SPS) Symposium in Stockholm.

5. September 2017

LabDays 2017

Join us at the second version of the LabDays fair in Aarhus, sept 20-21 2017.

30. August 2017


Ideal for micro to large scale cell culture applications. Designed for rapid and accurate Bioanalyte analysis.

30. April 2019

SMS Application Note

An overview of iGC SEA – A new Instrumental Technique for Characterising the Phyisco-chemical Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials.

25. April 2019

Particle Characterization App Note

The new LS 13 320 XR Extended Range 10 nm – 3,500 μm

25. April 2019

Particle Characterization App Note

Sample Preparation on the LS 13 320 XR Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer – How to measure success.

29. March 2019

Rigaku app note 1092

Fixed Angle Measurement using the Semi-Quantitative Analysis Function "SQX" of ZSX Guidance Software.

29. March 2019

Rigaku app note 1044

Measurement of microscopic regions using a high-speed 2-dimensional detector.

19. March 2019

Elementar Data Bulletin

Carbon and sulfur analysis in metal powders for 3D printing.

28. January 2019

Setaram application notes

Selected application notes within material characterization.

8. January 2019

Elementar Data Bulletin

CHNS analysis in liquid fuels with thevario EL cube.

8. January 2019

Rigaku EDXRF Application Note # 1856

Additive elements in lubricating oils.

9. April 2019

LS 13 320 XR Particle Seminar

In-depth particle characterization seminar & LS 13 320 XR introduction this May!

19. March 2019

Seminar on elemental analysis

Seminar focused on the analysis of CS and ONH in inorganic sample matrices.

25. February 2019

Seminars on elemental analysis

RAMCON and ELEMENTAR invite you to a seminar dedicated to elemental analysis of CHNOS in general as well as TOC and N/protein determination.

7. January 2019

Physical Pharmacy symposium

Join us at the 30th Physical Pharmacy symposium in Finland.

5. February 2018

Particle seminar at Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute and RAMCON invite you to a 2 day seminar on particle characterization.

5. October 2017

Seminars on elemental analysis

RAMCON and ELEMENTAR invites you to a half-day seminar dedicated to elemental analysis.

16. May 2017

Multisizer workshops with Beckman Coulter

In collaboration with beckman Coulter, Ramcon invites you to participate in a one day work shop around particle analysis with Multisizer 4e.

10. February 2017

SAXS Seminar in Malmö

Along with Rigaku, Ramcon is doing a user seminar at the "Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces" at Malmö University.

16. December 2016

SMS iCG Symposium 2016

Surface Measurement Systems Ltd invites you to a two-day event on iGC technique for materials characterisation.

14. January 2019

Free labware tests from ibidi

Free labware tests, discounts and more.

6. November 2017

Huge discount on our showroom JCM-6000 SEM

JCM-6000 SEM demo at reduced price.

26. October 2017

Free on site MiniFlex demo

Get a free demonstration of the new MiniFlex from Rigaku at your lab.

31. May 2017

Huge discount on demo cameras from Andor.

Up to 60% discount on selected items.

19. January 2017

Andor January promotion

Interested in upgrading the imaging performance of your microscope?

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