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Cellsorters, flowcytometers and antibodies from Beckman Coulter for Clinical Diagnostics as well as for Research. Beckman Coulter is one of the leading vendors of flowcytometry solutions. Beckman Coulter has recently launched a new cellsorter Moflo Astrios, as well as two new 10 colour analysis flowcytometers for both Clinical Diagnostics and for Research use.

Beckman Coulter offers several fully automated flowcytometer solutions with integration to Biomek pipetting robots. They also offer the fastest flowcytometer on the marked for High Throughput Screening (HTS) with the Cyan ADP flowcytometer with plateloader.

RAMCON has been selling the whole product line of Beckman Coulter flowcytometers and cellsorters for many years, in close collaboration with Beckman Coulter. We have Product specialists and Supporters with a high scientific background and Service engineers locally placed in Denmark. This gives us the knowledge to support our customers to get the optimal results out of their flowcytometer and cellsorter solutions.

RAMCON distributes and service products within Flowcytometry & Antibodies in Denmark.



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