Cell characterization

Cell characterization from Beckman Coulter. RAMCON offers the whole product line within cell characterization for analysis and quantification of cells and particles of any kind. Beckman Coulter has been involved in the development of the first instruments within cell characterization and still delivers "state of the art" instruments with high resolution and quality.

Cell characterization is used in many laboratories for research, Pharmaceutical and Food industry. RAMCON offers support and service locally in Denmark and has access to a large network of application specialists from Beckman Coulter in order to accommodate our customer's needs.

RAMCON distributes and service products within cell characterization in Denmark and Sweden.





Cell sorters

DelsaMax Zetapotential


LS 13 320 XR - Laser Diffraction

MultiSizer, Coulter Counter

Vi-Cell MetaFLEX

ViCell, Automated Cell Viability

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