Bioreactors and fermentors

Modular Bioreactors and Fermenters for fermentation and cell culture. Solida Biotech is a dynamic company specialised in engineering, developing, and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment. They manufacture a wide range of bioreactors, fermenters, at-line analysers, CIP/SIP systems and process vessels for research, development, and production, suitable for fermentation, cell culture, stem cells, renewable technologies, algae, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more. 
The unique modular design of Solida bio consoles is compatible with a wide variety of interchangeable benchtop STR glass vessels, ranging from 50ml to 20l in volume, SUB disposable vessels from 250ml to 75l and LAB/PILOT SIP in situ sterilisable systems from 1l to 100l.
Solida Biotech also manufacture industrial bioreactors up to 50m3, CIP in situ cleaning systems, SIP/CIP process vessels, and turnkey projects with integrated third-party equipment and custom fit solutions. They combine years of experience in sterile process engineering with the latest automation and software technologies optimized for bioprocess scientists.
  • Modularity of control unit offer the ability to upgrade the bioreactor to 1-36 bioreactors working online with different vessel size.
  • Modular design enables you to configure the system according to your lab space needs within the most compact footprint.
  • Easy to use Bioflex Advanced SCADA Software
  • All control units are based on PLC hardware and software ensuring optimal performance, modularity and flexibility


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