Nucleic acid sample preparation

Automated DNA, RNA, PCR and sequencing purification systems from Beckman Coulter. Automated purification systems from Beckman Coulter for purification of nucleic acids from cultured cells, whole blood, tissue, plant material, virus, fresh, frozen or fixed formalin, paraffin-embedded tissue and PCR products. Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) paramagnetic bead technology gives you the opportunity for easy and high quality nucleic acid purification.

RAMCON has been working with automation for many years. With years of experience and remarkable knowledge within automated DNA, RNA, PCR and sequencing purification, we have the support and service needed to develop the correct purification platform for you and support you in your successful use of you purification platform.

RAMCON distributes automated purification products in Denmark.


DNA Isolation

Purification and Clean-up

RNA Isolation


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