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BioMicroLab has 22 years of experince with designing platforms that have compatibility within the Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standards to ensure integration with automation oriented labware. The main goal of BioMicroLab is to manufacture instruments which provide fast sample processing, unattended operation, and robust sample management software tools to empower labs with reliable solutions for common tube and vial handling applications.

BioMicroLab's focus is on easy to use bench top lab automation that can be quickly deployed and operated by a wide range of users. This focus is embodied in BioMicroLab's XL20 and XL100 sample handling platforms which are managed by a simple software interface and feature integrated 2D scanning technology allowing in-process sample ID and tracking of 2D marked tubes.

BioMicroLab's aim is to design instruments to make your sample management lab more productive by equipping our customers with innovative and world-class sample management tools. The aim is to design instruments to make your sample management lab more productive.  

RAMCON distributes and supports BioMicroLab products in Denmark and Sweden.


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