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Over the past decade VLM has become the undisputed technology leader in the corrrosion testing technology with several patents granted and pending in this filed. As a result the company currently offers the widest product range of corrosion test chambers with a variety of form factors and volumes up to impressive 3500 L. The innovative design of VLM test chambers caters for unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility of test atmospheres.

Another direction of own product development resulted in a wide range of metal block thermostat for the accurate temperature control (up to 600°C) of test samples in various laboratory environments. Our program of metal block thermostats is complemented by a full range of evaporators for concentrating laboratory samples.


Beside standard products the VLM's particular strength is in creating tailor made solutions, providing customers with the best technology for the atmospheric corrosion testing, laboratory sample tempering and sample concentration - with VLM products you can fully rely on your test results. In the continuous process of product development we are always open to constructive criticism, suggestions and requests.


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