2D Barcode Scanners

6875 Large FreezerMill, single chamber

Advanced Cyclic Corrosion

Advantage Elevated Temperature

Analysis software

Andor Technology


Automated Tube Handlers

Benchtop centrifuges

Biomek 4000

Biomek consumables

Biomek FXp

Biomek i-Series

Biomek NXp

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Blood Traceability

Built-in refrigerators

Cell sorters

CESI 8000


Condensation chambers

CoolLed illumination

Coulter Counter, Z-series

Cylic Corrosion Tests (CCT)


Deep Freezers

DelsaMax Zetapotential

DNA Isolation

Dvs Advantage

DVS Intrinsic

DVS Vacuum


Genetic Analysis System

GenoGrinder 2010

High-Speed & Capacity centrifuges

ibidi Labware

iGC-SEA Surface Energy Analyzer

Inspectis C12

Kesternich (SO2) chambers

LS 13 320 XR - Laser Diffraction

Medical Refrigerators

Microplate reader overview

MultiSizer, Coulter Counter

New SubCategory Product

Nikon analysis software

Nikon confocal microscopes

Nikon inverted microscopes

Nikon microscope objectives

Nikon mikroscope cameras

Nikon scanning electron microscope

Nikon stereomicroscopes

Nikon stereomicroscopes

Nikon super resolution microscopes

Nikon upright microscopes

Omega Series


Photonic Optics

Purification and Clean-up

Real time PCR Kits

RNA Isolation


Salt spray chambers

Sample Measurement


Shock Freezers

SMX Small molecule X-ray

SubCategory Product

Transport boxes

Tube adapters

Tubes and Bottles

Ultra Deep Freezers


Vapor Pressure Analyser

Vi-Cell Metaflex

ViCell, Automated Cell Viability

X-300 - Multi-position Electric Fluxer

X-600 - 6 position Electric Fluxer

X-ray diffraction (XRD)

X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

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