Dvs Advantage

Dvs Advantage

The DVS Advantage uses dry air or dry nitrogen as carrier gas.

The user can select one of any two vapor sources, originating from liquid organic solvents or water held at the same temperature as the DVS.

When the dry carrier gas passes through a solvent, it becomes saturated with the vapours of that solvent. Precise control of the ratio of saturated and dry gas flow is enabled with mass flow control combined with the use of unique real time vapour concentration monitoring.

  •  Multiple vapor reservoirs -  water and organic solutes.
  •  Experimental temperature 5 – 60° C
  •  Color Video Camera and Raman or NIR options


Advantage Elevated Temperature

DVS Intrinsic

DVS Vacuum

iGC-SEA Surface Energy Analyzer

Vapor Pressure Analyser

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