DelsaMax Zetapotential

DelsaMax Zetapotential

DelsaMax utilizes Dynamic light Scattering (DLS) to accurately determine the size of nano and micro particles. 32 detectors and simultaneous zetapotential meassurements makes it a very versatile nanosizing tool. 32 detectors provides a very high resolution for small particles down to 0,3 nm – 10 um.
  • Simultaneous zetapotential and size meassurements for accurate comparison
  • Ultrafast detections of 1 second, for kinetic studies 
  • Low laser power optimized for sensitive proteins to avoid damage and excitation


LS 13 320 XR - Laser Diffraction

MultiSizer, Coulter Counter

Vi-Cell XR, Automated Cell Viability

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