Beckman Coulter offers the whole portfolio of high quality Antibodies for your flowcytometry analysis and for other immunoassays. The high quality antibodies are optimized and ready-to-use for flow cytometric analysis and will produce more consistent and higher quality dyes due to the patented tandem dye technology. The selection hold more than 384 ASR labeled products for clinical flow cytometry labs and single-color conjugates in a variety fluorochromes.
  • High quality, optimized, ready-to-use
  • Patented tandem dye technology.
  • Easier development of user-defined multicolor combinations

Portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • AQUIOS Tetra Reagents & Consumables
  • ClearLLab
  • ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen Reagent
  • ClearLLab Compensation Kit
  • DRAQ7 Dye
  • DuraClone
  • DuraClone IF
  • DuraClone IM
  • DuraClone RE
  • Krome Orange
  • Lineage-PE Cocktail
  • PerFix EXPOSE
  • PerFix-nc
  • VersaComp Antibody Capture Bead Kit


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